Portrait  session. About one hour's length. Optionally black and white or colour. Digital  or analog. Change of background and clothing. Retouching included. For perfect styling a stylist can be provided.  For location shooting travel expenses will be settled.

Single portrait             Euro2.gif (953 Byte) 75,-     

Double                       Euro2.gif (953 Byte) 90,-      

Groups                      Euro2.gif (953 Byte) 120,-     

Prints  Euro2.gif (953 Byte) 9,-  (13 x 18 cm) bis Euro2.gif (953 Byte)180,-  (70 x 100 cm)

Set 10 x 15 (6 pictures) Euro2.gif (953 Byte) 29,-  10-picture set  Euro2.gif (953 Byte) 45,-

Blowups, special prints (artistic styles) on demand.




You will be able to choose between 5 - 10 exposures taken with a digital camera. Instant take away. EU-standard.

4 pcs        Euro2.gif (953 Byte) 18,-   

8 pcs        Euro2.gif (953 Byte) 25,-   

16 pcs      Euro2.gif (953 Byte) 35,-   

2 pcs digital on floppy disc: + Euro2.gif (953 Byte) 12,-



Same price as in portrait photography plus a copyright charge according to purpose and circulation.


Charge per day   Euro2.gif (953 Byte)  600,-      plus films and developing, plus expenses; including copyright

prints see wedding


See portraits.


Budget:             1 - 2  hour coverage of the wedding ceremony and following action.

                                       Euro2.gif (953 Byte) 180,-       

De Luxe:            Complete coverage of the wedding day including late night party events and                      portraits in the studio or on location.

                                     Euro2.gif (953 Byte) 500,-     

Prints:          10 x 15 cm       Euro2.gif (953 Byte) 2,50       13 x 18     Euro2.gif (953 Byte) 3,50

Cards with optional desigm            starting at Euro2.gif (953 Byte) 1,-   (100 pcs.)


Generally negatives or picture data remain with the photographer where they are being archived and handled discretely. You can however purchase negatives and rights for double  price of the shooting session.

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